Author Susanna Shore
Paranormal and contemporary romances, light mysteries



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Introductory bundle

Starters, a special bundle edition of four of my first books to introduce readers to my work.



Two-Natured London Series

Paranormal romances with difference. Set in London where wolf-shifters, vampire warriors and other two-natured roam, fighting their mortal enemies—and finding eternal love. The series currently has six unique books and two bundle editions. And check out the glossary of everything two-natured.

The Wolf's call Warrior's heart eternity warrior magic christmas Crimson Warrior Magic on the highland moor Wolf Moon Highland Wolf Beloved Warrior

Also available as box sets on Amazon, free on Prime:

box1   box2   box3   box4

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P.I. Tracy Hayes Series

Tracy Hayes is a Brooklyn waitress extraordinaire, who after losing yet another job, becomes an apprentice to a P.I. What could possibly go wrong, right? Tracy’s antics and a supporting cast of characters make these books fast-paced and funny.

Tracy1 tracy2 tracy3 tracy4 tracy5 tracy6 tracy7 tracy8 tracy9 tracy10 tracy11

Also available as paperbacks:

tracy1 paperback  Tracy 2 paperback  Tracy3 paperback  Tracy4 paperback  Tracy5 paperback  Tracy6 paperback  Tracy7 paperback  Tracy8 paperback  Tracy9 paperback      Tracy10 paperback     Tracy11 paperback 

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The Reed Files

This is a spin-off of P.I. Tracy Hayes series, and it follows Jonny Moreira and his life after crime with new people and locations—and a new name: Eliot Reed. It can be read without reading Tracy Hayes books first.

The Perfect Scam The Perfect Hoax

Also available as paperbacks:

perfect scam paperback  perfect hoax paperback 

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House of Magic series

Phoebe Thorpe is an assistant to a perfectly ordinary antiques dealer—or is he? An accidentally triggered curse sents Phoebe on a journey to magic and supernatural. This fast paced mystery series is a blend of P.I. Tracy Hayes series and Two-Natural London series—without being set in Two-Natural London.

Hexing the Ex Saved by the Spell Third Spell's the Charm Magic by the Book

Also available as paperbacks:

hexing the ex paperback  Saved by the Spell paperback  Third Spell's the Charm paperback  Magic by the Book paperback 

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Exciting stand-alone thrillers set in the Metropolitan Police Service and MI5 in London.

Personal   The Assassin

Paperbacks on Amazon:

personal paperback  assassin paperback 

Also available as a box set on Amazon, free on Prime:


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Contemporary Romances and other stand alone works

This is a collection of stand-alone contemporary romances with billionaires and strong women who love them, set in London and New York.

At her Boss's Command  To Catch a Billionaire Dragon  It Happened on a Lie  Wich Way to Love

First three books are also available as a box set on Amazon, free on Prime:

Romance Bundle  

A stand-alone m/m time loop romance:
Time Loop

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