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The wolf's call


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Her Warrior for Eternity

“Susanna Shore continues on a steady pace to entertain us.”
Amazon review of Her Warrior for Eternity.

“So how long ago was it?”
“You can’t expect me to spill all my secrets at once,” he teased her, and was rewarded with a smile that had almost no fear in it.
“Why not? You already told me you’re going to erase my memory.”
That was true. “Well, I was born in 1663.” He watched her take that in.
“Wow. That’s … you’re really old.”

A serial killer is on the loose in London and only the vampire warriors of the Crimson Circle know that renegade vampires are responsible. One night on a patrol, Jeremy Grayson saves a human woman from becoming the next victim. The chance meeting ignites his hunger, marking her as his mate. He needs to keep her safe, even if he can’t really explain to her why. But in order to do that, he has to wipe her memory so she doesn’t remember him.

The only drama Corynn Sparks needs in her life is finding a job after she graduates from college. But then a vampire declares she is in mortal danger and puts her under his protection. He is a complication she doesn’t need. She can’t afford to dream of a man who will live for centuries while she grows old and dies.

But it turns out she carries the vampire gene. Now she has to choose between her human life and the sunshine, and her second nature and the man she loves. But how could she trust a man who has taken her memory?

Then the choice is taken from her, and she learns that there are worse things in this world than a memory loss.

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