Author Susanna Shore
Paranormal and contemporary romances, light mysteries
Wolf Moon


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Wolf Moon

Two-Natured London series returns in this seventh book featuring Jamie Green, the alpha of the Greenwood clan.

Jamie Green, the alpha of the Greenwood wolf-shifter clan, has come to accept that the mate his wolf chose for him has left him for another. But while the man has moved on, the wolf hasn’t. Then she unexpectedly dies, freeing the man and the wolf both. And now neither of them knows how to go on with their life.

Isla Shaw has secluded herself among her birth clan in Scotland to recover from the loss of her mate and son a century ago. But the death of the clan alpha has plunged her safe haven into chaos of a leadership contest. She needs a way out, but she has nowhere to go—until Jamie offers her a helping hand.

Jamie isn’t quite sure why he’s invited Isla to London. It’s not like his wolf has taken interest in her, even if the man finds himself drawn to a woman for the first time in a very long time. For Isla, the return to where she has been the happiest and the saddest is bittersweet, but it’s time for her to face the ghosts of her past—with Jamie by her side.

But London isn’t safe either. The evil enemy that has attacked both their clans before has a new target: the clan of Isla’s past. If Jamie and Isla can’t save them, the shifters in London will all fall. But the price for the safety may be too deep: their future happiness.

As the clan prepares for a battle, Jamie has to be the alpha, not the man. But what’s the point in fighting, if he doesn’t have Isla by his side to fight for?


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